Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Chemical Guide - Help with the Pool & Spa Chemicals Sold at G&T's Original Warehouse

It is essential to keep your swimming pool, hot tub or spa water clean, as bacteria will rapidly multiply in water that has been left untreated. By caring for your swimming pool or spa with the correct chemicals, you will not only kill potentially dangerous bacteria and keep your water safe to swim in, but also prolong the life of your pool, spa, pump and filter.

Water Problem Solving Chart

Are you having problems with the water in your swimming pool or hot tub? If so check out the problem and the remedy in the table below.

Symptom Cause Remedy
Green or cloudy water, or slippery sides Algae Shock dose with Chlorine (see start up dose) and add Algaecide.
Too much chlorine Overdose Drain pool to minimum mark and re-fill with fresh water to maximum mark, this will help to dilute the excess chemical. Remove cover from pool to allow evaporation of the chemical (keep the pool filter running constantly).
pH hard to control Alkalinity too low or too high After testing the pH level with Dip Test Strips you can use pH Plus or pH Minus to increase or decrease the pH. Please re-test the pool after a couple of hours and before use.
Difficulty maintaining chlorine levels Chlorine levels are fluctuating, the pool has been left and gone stagnant or other chemical levels are not correct

Use Dip Test Strips to check chemical levels everyday, the filter pump should be left on for a minimum of 4 hours a day when there is water in the pool.

If chlorine levels are fluctuating, you will need to check other chemical levels are correct. If the pool is being used quite a lot you may need to increase the chlorine levels.

If you are going away we would suggest emptying the pool and cleaning it so the water is not left to go stagnant. Do no refill until you return from your trip.

Cloudy water Poor chemical control or inadequate filtration Clean pool or spa filter cartridge, check chemical levels with Dip Test Strips and adjust if necessary (chlorine/pH). If problem persists buy Pool Clarifier to remove small particles.
Rough pool edges or sides Scale formation due to high calcium levels in water Ensure pH levels are correct using Dip Test Strips and use Scale Remover. Clear and clean debris screens, pipework and check pool filter for build up. You may need to descale the filter pump as well.
Foaming Detergent present from incorrect cleaning products or excessive algaecide use

Reduce water level and top up with fresh water. Avoid domestic household cleaners.

Avoid using domestic household cleaners, washing detergent, sun lotion, make-up, moisturiser, hair products and fake tan. We would also recommend showering before using the pool. We would also recommend using Foam Remover.

Test strip water quality dip test does not change colour Too high chlorine leading to bleaching of indicator pads (over 15ppm chlorine) Check expiry date on Pool Test Strips. Wait for chlorine level to drop and re-test (See overdose instructions).

Our Range of Pool & Spa Chemicals

Clearwater Pool Chemical Starter Kit
Clearwater Spa Chemical Starter Kit

We stock a wide range of chemicals, to help maintain a healthy swimming environment, from multifunction tablets to granules and algaecide. If you're a first time buyer, a good place to start is with either our Swimming Pool or Spa Starter Kit. These easy to use, all-in-one solution kits contain everything you need for many months of treatment, such as chlorine granules, pH plus and minus, algaecide and dip test strips. All items are also available separately. Below is a brief rundown of every item, and how it can help maintain a clean, healthy swimming pool or spa.

Clearwater Algaecide

Clearwater Algaecide

Algae is a microscopic plant that comes in many guises, and loves the nutrients found in pool water. Although it is isn't harmful to bathers, it looks unpleasant and provides an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Getting rid of algae with Clearwater 1 Litre Algaecide Liquid Algae Remover couldn't be simpler. If algae forms on or below the water's surface simply pour the recommended dose of algae remover into the water. Ideally it should be applied where the water inlets are situated so that it disperses evenly and effectively throughout the water.

The amount of algae treatment required depends on the size of your pool or spa and the severity of the situation, so please refer to the guidelines included with the product to apply the correct amount. If your pool or spa has been treated for algae with Clearwater Algaecide, it is advisable to use Clearwater Clarifier to clear away left-over algae residue.

Clearwater Chlorine Granules

Clearwater Chlorine Granules

Clearwater Chlorine Granules are an extremely easy way to disinfect a pool on a day-to-day basis. Using chlorine in swimming pools is vital for keeping water clean and hygienic, and these granules are perfect for ridding your water of harmful bacteria, damaging germs and ghastly micro-organisms.

Incredibly simple to apply, if the water temperature exceeds 20°C the the recommended amount of chlorine solution can be poured straight into a pool. If water temperature is below 20°C, then the swimming pool chlorine granules should be dissolved in a plastic container of water before application. The chlorine granules rapidly dissolve in the water, evenly dispersing throughout a pool in no time at all.

The Chlorine Granules are available in two sizes, a 1kg standard tub or a value large 5kg container.

Clearwater Water Clarifier

Clearwater Clarifier

Clearwater 1 Litre Water Clarifier Liquid is an effective way to prevent hot tub or swimming pool water looking dull and cloudy due to dead algae, skin cells and other dirt and grime that's too small to be trapped by a filter system.

Clearwater Hot Tub Clarifier contains flocculants, chemicals that bind small particles of dirt together so that your filter system can successfully trap them. These tiny particles of dirt can make pool or spa water look cloudy and uninviting. Over time they can also produce an unhygienic environment.

If you've just used Clearwater Algaecide in your pool or spa, you'll need to use the water clarifier to clear away left-over residue. Used regularly, it will make your water sparkle and shimmer like new again!

Clearwater Test Strips

Clearwater Dip Test Strips

Clearwater Dip Test Strips are the quickest and easy way to check the chemical levels in your hot tub or pool. Untested water can become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria or develop a chemical imbalance that makes eyes and skin feel uncomfortable.

Each strip tests your water's chlorine, pH and alkaline levels. To use, you simply dip the strip in to the water for a few moments, remove and check the results against the handy colour chart that's printed on the container. There are three separate sections on each strip to indicate each individual level.

Using the chlorine, alkalinity and pH testing strips to check water balance enables you to identify what chemicals need to be added to bring them within the correct parameters. The Dip Test Tests are available in two sizes, a pack of 25 or a value pack of 50.

Clearwater Fast Action Chlorine Tablets

Clearwater Fast Action Chlorine Tablets

Clearwater 3.0g Fast Action Chlorine Tablets are an incredibly simple way to maintain precise chlorination levels in pool or spa water, which in turn helps to create a healthy and properly regulated swimming environment.

The rapidly dissolving water treatment tablets can be added to a Chemical Floater, to increase chlorine levels in double quick time, should the amount of free chlorine drop below the recommended levels. With a minimal impact on pH levels, each Fast Action Tablet raises chlorine by 1.5mg per 1,000 litres (220g).

Clearwater Cartridge Cleaner

Clearwater Filter Cartridge Cleaner

Clearwater 1 Litre Cartridge Cleaner has been created to help you prolong the life of your hot tub's or pool's filter cartridges by removing oils and greases.

Making sure your filter cartridge is fully immersed in an appropriate container, simply add just 50ml to every 1 litre of water. Leave the cartridge to soak for at least 8 hours for optimum cleaning performance. Once the cartridge has been appropriately soaked, rinse the filter with fresh water and allow to dry before re‑installing.

Suitable for use with any brand of pool or spa filter cartridge, the 1 lite bottle allows you to clean up to 20 cartridges.

Clearwater Foam Remover

Clearwater Foam Remover

Foaming in your hot tub or paddling pool is a natural occurrence caused by shampoo and deodorants used by users as well as a person's natural body oils. Showering before entering the water can help to alleviate foaming caused by oils, deodorants and shampoo, however foaming can also be a normal symptom of chemicals that are used to treat and keep your water healthy, therefore it is occasionally unavoidable.

Clearwater 1 Litre Liquid Foam Remover helps control and prevent foaming in your hot tub or paddling pool. It has been specially formulated to combat foaming regardless of its cause and help to return your water to a crystal clear appearance.

The Liquid Foam Remover has been formulated with Lay-Z-Spas in mind, but can be used with all types of hot tubs and swimming pools.

Clearwater Miracle Pads

Clearwater Miracle Pads

Clearwater Miracle Pads are an upgrade on traditional magic sponges. Each Clearwater Miracle Cleaning Pad offers a unique, environmentally friendly and chemical-free way to clean your pool or spa. You do not need to use detergent or bleach due to the way the sponge becomes rough when exposed to water.

To use, simply add water to the pad and rub away dirt and grime effortlessly. Available either singularly or in a great value three-pack, Clearwater Miracle Pads are fantastic for cleaning spas and pools since there is no need to use potentially harmful chemicals near the water, so you don't have to drain your spa or pool every time you want to clean it.

Clearwater Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets

Clearwater Multi-Function Chlorine Tablets

Clearwater Multi-Function Tablets are an incredibly simple way to maintain clear and hygienic water in pools and hot tubs. As well as containing chlorine, which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms by disinfecting water, the tablets also contain an algaecide solution and water clarifier that contains flocculants, which bind particles together so that a pool filter can trap them with ease, producing a clean and healthy swimming environment.

The tablets are best used in a Chlorine Dispenser, which floats on top of the water and dispenses the slow release tablets over a period of time.

The Chlorine Tablets are available in two sizes, a 1kg standard tub or a value large 5kg container.

Clearwater pH Plus and pH Minus

Clearwater pH Plus and pH Minus

Anything and everything that enters a hot tub or pool contains its own pH level which naturally alters the pH balance of the water. Contaminants can include falling leaves, trespassing bugs, dead skin, natural body oils, deodorants or moisturisers. It is essential to keep your pool or spa's pH levels between the recommended levels to avoid skin and eye discomforts.

Clearwater pH Plus and pH Minus are ideal for adjusting the pH level of your water. The recommended pH level is between 7.2 to 7.6, above that alkalinity increases and pH treatment is required. Using Clearwater's pH increaser and reducer couldn't be easier. Simply check your spa or pool's pH level using dip test strips or an aquatester, and apply either the increaser or reducer directly to the water.

Keeping the pH levels of your water within the recommended boundaries not only reduces alkalinity, but also produces a more comfortable swimming environment and helps chlorine to work more effectively at killing bacteria in the water.

Clearwater Scale & Stain Remover

Clearwater Scale & Stain Remover

Clearwater 1 Litre Liquid Scale & Stain Remover is ideal for removing stains and marks left by scale in hard water areas, restoring your swimming pool, hot tub or spa to its sparkling best. Used regularly, it will prevent and/or remove scale deposits caused by mineral precipitation which can build up rapidly on the water surface due to relatively high water temperatures.

As well as removing scale, the stain remover also removes and controls metallic stains that can occur when metallic compounds start to oxidise due to prolonged exposure to water and air, or certain chemical components.

The Liquid Scale & Stain Remover comes in an easy pour 1 litre bottle, with full instructions on the bottle. It has been formulated with Lay-Z-Spas in mind, but can be used with all types of hot tubs and swimming pools.

Clearwater TA Plus

Clearwater TA Plus

Clearwater 1kg TA Plus is the best way to increase the total alkalinity of swimming pool, hot tub or Lay-Z-Spa water. Although a pH Plus product will increase your TA, it does so less efficiently than TA Plus which has been designed to help keep your spa or pool water at its optimum level.

It is important to monitor the pH level of your pool and spa water to ensure it is at the correct level. If it is too acidic then the chlorine treatment may not work effectively, the water may cause irritation to eyes in use and it may cause damage to your pool or hot tub.

Suitable for use with any brand of pool or spa, TA Plus is required if the pH of your spa or pool water is below 7.2.

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