Bestway 103 Inch Large Family Swimming Pool Cover

Bestway 103 Inch Large Family Swimming Pool Cover

Bestway Size VI Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridges

Bestway Size VI Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridges

Jilong Size 2 Filter Cartridge for 530 / 800 Gallon Pool Filter Pumps

This Jilong Size 2 Pool Filter Cartridge is suitable for use in Jilong & Bestway 530gal & 800gal filter pumps and is identical to Bestway Size II BW58094 filter cartridges.

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This Jilong Size 2 Filter Cartridge is a direct replacement that fits both Jilong and Bestway 530gal and 800gal filter pumps. It measures height 136mm x diameter 106mm with a hole diameter of 52mm. If water is circulating at a reduced rate, or is looking rather dirty, there's a strong possibility your filter cartridge needs replacing. It is recommended that you clean your filter cartridge every 3-5 days and replace every 4-5 weeks. However, if you're using your pool or spa on a frequent basis it's recommended that you change it more often.

Filter cartridges are an essential feature of a swimming pool or spa pump as they filter out dirt and grime from the water to help keep it clean and healthy. They also prevent this dirt from getting into the pump and heater which could cause damage and reduce its lifespan. Filter cartridges fit inside the filter pump and, as water circulates around the pool, they trap dirt and debris. If a filter cartridge gets blocked, water doesn't flow at the same speed and without a replacement filter cartridge its quality will quickly deteriorate.

Please refer to your filter pump manual if you're unsure which pool cartridge filter is compatible with your model.


  • Replacement Size II Pool Pump Filter Cartridge
  • Easy to wash
  • Filter Size: Height - 13.6cm / 5.4 inch, Width - 10.6cm / 4.2 inch
  • Jilong Part Number: JL290588N (Size 2)
  • Compatible with Bestway Part Number: BW58094 (Size II)

Compatible with the following Jilong Pool Filter Pump Models:

  • 29P415DE
  • 29P416DE
  • JL29P327E

Compatible with the following Bestway Pool Filter Pump and Lay-Z-Spa Models:

  • 2005 Filter Pumps: 58079, 58080, 58081
  • 2006 Filter Pumps: 58079, 58080, 58081, 58113
  • 2007 Filter Pumps: 58148, 58149, 58150, 58118, 58141
  • Later Filter Pump Models: 58148, 58117
  • Lay-Z-Spas BW54075 and BW54090 Premium Models

Not suitable for newer Lay-Z-Spa models including Hawaii, Maldives, Miami, Monaco, New York, Palm Springs, Paris, Saint Moritz, Saint Tropez, Siena or Vegas.

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International Delivery Available No
EAN 6920388613293
Brand Jilong
Product Height (cm) 13.6
Product Width (cm) 10.6
Product Length (cm) 10.6
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